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The Mona series DND MUR display, where you can easily see whether your guests are in the room, consists of a glass touch screen and includes room number, hotel logo, DND, Make Up indicators and doorbell buttons.

Mona Switches

  • Touch operated
  • Glass surface
  • Thermostat and switch in one
  • Touch Buzzer Button
  • Flush Mounting
  • Various color option
  • Icon options
  • RGB LEDs Buttons
  • IP65


Adjust the illumination of the icons on the device to the desired color and intensity With the RGB led option and create a stylish look!

Touch Buzzer Button

The product can include a doorbell button to announce visitors in a kindly way. The doorbell will be silenced, when Do Not Disturb (DND) mode activated.

Glass Surfaces

The integrated request buttons for “Make up Room” and” Do not Disturb” make it possible to display the status of each room, allowing you to optimize the scheduling of the cleaning staff.

IP65 Option

It is suitable for outdoor use thanks to its IP65 protection.

Horizontal Useage Option

It is able to be used as horizontal as well.