HD100 - High Bay Movement Sensor

At 14m mounting height; 25m2 Area detection.
HD100 KNX Highbay Motion Detector is ideal for warehouses, industrial areas, conference rooms and sport halls.

General Specifications

  • Constant light function can be applied in dependence of presence information thanks to integrated brightness sensor and movement sensor. HD100 regulates the ambient brightness to a defined brightness value.
  • Lighting can be set to different brightness levels with corridor function based on occasions such as “movement, after movement, no movement”. Stay-on time can be changed the by end user...
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation systems can be controlled by independent HVAC channel.
  • Presence information can be sent to presence monitoring applications by independent presence channel.
  • The EAE KNX HD100 can be used as a standalone device or master-slave device (parallel operation with other sensors) according to necessity of project.
  • HD100 enables fully-automatic and semi-automatic lighting control.
  • Test and calibration mode allow for easy installation.
  • The device does not require an additional power supply.