FCA100 Fan Coil Actuator

Controlling fan coils (2 & 3-point valve)

Fan Coil Actuator FCA100 is designed as all in one product for different way of Fan coil and Valve control together.

General Specifications

Fan Coil Actuator FCA100 covers HVAC systems of the electrical installation of room applications and offers following functions in one product.

  • Controlling fan coils (2 & 3-point valve)
  • Additional Heat or Cooling
  • Switching auxiliary load
  • Dry contact inputs
  • Temperature inputs

FCA100 has 11 outputs, 6 inputs inside. These outputs and inputs are using for:

  • Auxiliary Output x1 (Relay 16A)
  • Fan Speed Output x3 (Relay 16A)
  • Fan Speed Output x1 (0-10 V Signal)
  • Valve Control Output x4 (Triac 0.5A)
  • Valve Control Output x2 (0-10 V Signal)
  • Dry Contact Input x4
  • NTC Sensor Input x2

Suitable for switching resistive, capacitive and inductive loads as well as fluorescent lamp loads according to EN 60 669.

  •  Any kind of load (up to 16A per channel)

Manual control is possible for each channel through the built-in button panel.

Device has 4 independent input channels. Input channel operates as well as universal interface with following functions,

  • Switch / push button sensor
  • Dew-point sensor
  • Window sensor

Device has 2 temperature input channels separately. Temperature Inputs can be used with following functions,

  • Single
  • Weighted (Multi temp sensor)

220V auxiliary power is not required.