KNX is a building automation system standard that allows the use of the infrastructure required for building automation systems, with more than 440 manufacturers worldwide.

EAE Technology has been a member of KNX Association and also has the title of KNX TRAINING CENTER since 2012.

EAE Technology is KNX Training Center accredited. In this regard, EAE Technology has the authority to give theoretical and practical trainings on KNX to anyone.

Please contact EAE Technology partner companies in your region. You can find a list here. Unless you find any partner close to your region, please contact EAE Technology directly.

EAE Technology manages the entire manufacturing process with great care, from raw material procurement to production. All products are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in Istanbul, Turkey.

EAE Technology designs automation equipment layouts, system single line diagrams and material lists in line with your requirements for public, industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Our work does not include shop drawing and we expect our customers to share their Concept Developments. Please contact us for more information.

  • Does Valesa touch panel operate standalone?
    • Yes. However, network (server) related interfaces such as mobile integration, intercoms and panel-to-panel communication will not work.\
  • Does Valesa touch panel support KNX communication?
    • Yes. Valesa includes a KNX port but does not have an integrated KNX power supply.
    • Additionally, 2 ethernet outputs, 8 binary inputs and optional 6 220V 5A outputs.
  • Why is Valesa Touch Panel Linux based?
    • Android is a mobile-device operating system designed for mobile devices.
    • Linux is the most suitable operating system worlwide for server plaftorms with 24/7 operation without any reset. Valesa is Linux based to provide the flexibility and stability to custom developments at each layer of the operating system.
    • Note: World renowned IT companies (Google, Facebook, etc…) use Linux operating system for their server infrastructures.
  • What is the intended use of a server?
    • In residence or site projects with a lot of different devices that need to work together, server is needed to manage the traffic of communication. In addition, status of the devices can be monitored using a server.
    • Updates on the touch panels can be done automatically through a server.
    • Using an internet connection without proper security measures may be truly insecure. A server with a firewall and SSL certificate is crucial for a secure connection between mobile devices and Valesa panel.
  • How do smartphones connect Valesa?
    • Outside home, Smartphones (iOS, Android) connect Valesa panel through internet.
    • Inside home, if the smartphone is connected to the house network with WiFi, internet is not required to communicate with Valesa panel as long as the panel and the mobile phone are on the same network.
  • Can Valesa Touch Panel be used as an intercom device?
    • Yes. Valesa panel can also be used as an intercom but with external SIP compliant interfaces.
  • Do I have to purchase a hardware device for the SIP Server?
    • No. SIP Server is included in the Site Server we provide to you.
  • Can I upload a custom background picture to Valesa Touch Panel?
    • Yes. However, it can only be done while importing a project to Valesa via USB.
  • Can I change Valesa screen to vertical?
    • Yes. Valesa can be used both vertical and horizontal.
  • Is there a limit to the number of rooms created?
    • No. You can create as many rooms as you need.
  • What are the available frame colors for Valesa Touch Panel?
    • 3 colors are available for Valesa panel: Antirasit, Mustang gray, Pearl White
  • Can switches be programmed independently?
    • Yes. Each switch can be programmed independently with a different function.
  • Does the mounting box need to be modified for different folds?
    • No. Oria switch with any number of folds use the same mounting box.