DA-PD100 DALI Presence Sensor

Presence Detection

PD100 DALI presence detector is used in indoor spaces with integrated light sensor to achieve presence detection device.

General Specifications

PD100 DALI Occupancy Sensor is ideal for indoor areas such as offices of any size, classrooms, conference / meeting rooms, parking areas, warehouses and sport halls

Optional IR receiver for virtual push button control via remote controllers

Device can be configured on site to be used with most of the available remote controllers. Custom remote controller design with up to 12 buttons can be ordered on request

PD100 (suitable for precise presence detection)

Available in flush mounted and surface mounted versions

Measures the ambient brightness between 5 – 2000 lux

Power supply via DALI bus

Defined test and calibration commands for easy installation

RGB LED for localization, movement and IR command indications. Also can be used for custom defined feedbacks

Compatible with relative DALI-2 standards

  • Control device (IEC 62386-103 v2.0)
  • Occupancy sensor (IEC 62386-303 v2.1)
  • Light sensor (IEC 62386-304 v2.0)
  • Feedback (IEC 62386-332)
  • Push button (IEC 62386-301 v2.0 – only on IR models)